What is Light Lease


Light Lease is a concept for bringing light to rural areas in development countries.

Worldwide, approximately 1.5 billion people have no access to electricity and another 1 billion people have extremely unreliable access to electricity.
Without access to electricity, these poor people depend on kerosene/fuel lanterns and battery-powered flashlights for light.

They can’t break the cycle of poverty because they cannot buy alternatives for their existing lighting systems.
They simply need their income to survive and buy food, so they cannot afford to make an investment to change this.

The solution – Light Lease
Light Lease energized by POWERplus® can break this cycle. Light Lease provides solar and/or dynamo based lighting systems without an initial investment of these people in need. The same as it makes expensive consumer goods accessible for many people in developed countries, leasing can be the solution.

Light Lease sells solar and/or dynamo powered lighting systems to people living in poverty which they can pay for in monthly instalments. These payments will be less than the monthly costs these people now have for buying kerosene or dry cell batteries.
This means, that Light Lease can immediately increase what they can spend for surviving (food, housing etc.).

The improvements
Besides the higher living standard these people can reach immediately after joining the Light Lease program, this concept also prevents injuries and save lives!
Millions of people are injured by fires caused by kerosene lighting and even die because of this.
Besides this, the kerosene vapours are very bad for the health and cause many diseases.
Last but not least, kerosene lighting is responsible for millions of tons of CO2 output yearly.

Light Lease will cooperate with local entrepreneurs which can sell the Lease Light concept in rural areas on a commission base. Also this creates local business and economic development.

There are more initiatives in the market at the moment, but they are all based on charity. Of course, we encourage this as any initiative to change from kerosene to solar and/or dynamo lighting is good, but we think the charity way is not the right track to change on a large scale.

We believe that a commercial initiative with local entrepreneurship and local economic development is the real key for a change. Like the proven concept of micro financing in developing countries, we believe that Light Lease can make the right concept to break the cycle of poverty regarding lighting.