Light Lease can be used by micro-finance organisations which are active in development countries.

The basic principle of Light Lease is that a consumer can buy a POWERplus Light Lease lighting system in monthly terms instead of a normal upfront payment.
This monthly term is so calculated, that this term is lower then the average monthly costs the consumers pays for kerosine or other fuel for their existing lighting. This means, that the duration of the lease contract should be adjusted according to local circumstances.

Light Lease cooperates with local (micro) finance organisations on project-base. These organisations have knowledge about local market (fuel prices), consumers,
local laws etc. Furtheron, based on all local information they can calculate the requested duration of the lease contract to ensure that families will have more income to spend for food, clothes, education etc. directly from the start buying a Light Lease lighting system.

To support local projects, a pre-finance of 1/3 of the costprice of the Light Lease lighting system can be pre-financed by the POWERplus Foundation, which means that only 2/3 have to be pre-financed by the micro finance organisation. The margin and costs of the local importer and service partner will be paid by the micro finance organisation as soon as the lease-terms reaches the finance amount + interest and the pre-finance of the POWERplus Foundation will be paid at the last phase of the Light Lease contract.