Our goal


Our goal is to replace fuel-based (kerosine) lighting with eco energy powered lighting solutions.

The advantage of solar and/or dynamo powered lighting systems above fuel based lighting lanterns are obvious:
• clean, no toxic vapours which are very bad for health
• safe, no open fire and risk of lanterns fall down causing fires
• cheap, free energy provided by sun or human power (dynamo)
• substainable, less output of CO2 so lower emissions to save earth

Lighting is the first step to improve the quality of life for people in rural areas, but it will not stop there. In the Light Lease concept there are much more opportunities which can further improves the quality of life. The energy station provided in the Light Lease concept can also be the power source for charging mobile phone, charging radio, charging other communication systems, charging television in future etc. These things can help people to get informed and educated, as education start with information. Information is knowledge and therefor more changes for improving chances in life.

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people in rural areas starting with solar lighting. Not in a charity way; people pay this system by themselve and therefor they feel themselves as the key in changing their quality of life. The Light Lease concept support this by financing in a way that spendable income will become better directly after they start using the lighting system of Light Lease. Only winners, no losers….. and the biggest winner will be Planet Earth !